Who We Are

We are a multi-service company who has the ability to BUY, REPAIR, MARKET, and SELL PROPERTIES.

We work with Sellers who need to sell or want to sell, but do not want to wait six months to market and sell, repair and renovate their home, pay real estate commissions, or wait for an approved buyer.

We work with buyers who we can move into the property quickly before they complete the tedious loan application and loan processing delays.

We work with all types of buyers and situations. Some need time to alleviate a shortage of down payment or may need time to solve credit issues.

After they move in we work with lenders to get them "seasoned", so they can qualify for a new loan and then buy the property.

This gives us a very large pool of tenant/buyers who make great customers and allow us to buy and sell very quickly.



What We Do

We provide buyers and sellers unique opportunities to create our profit.


We Provide Sellers:

  • A no hassle, friendly transaction
  • A quick and flexible home sale
  • A fair price
  • Quick attention
  • Ability to Sell their house in any condition
  • Clear, understandable paperwork
  • Ability to move when they choose

We Provide Buyers the Above, Plus:

  • Time to work out credit issues
  • A guaranteed savings program to build up enough down payment to purchase
  • Someone who understands their problems and can provide solutions

We Provide Note Buyers & Sellers Opportunities :

Right now, thousands of people across North America are stuck with investments that they don't want. They would rather have the "cash now!" Whether it's a real estate note created when selling a property, a business note created when selling a business or even a structured settlement, there are thousands of notes out there that could be turned into cash!

Equity Funds can help!

As a premier cash flow specialist who works with private individuals to liquidate their cash flows. Specialties include...

  • Real Estate Notes
  • Business Notes
  • Structured Settlements
  • Viaticals
  • Cash Outs
  • Self Directed IRA's

Few people know that cash flow notes can be sold TODAY for cash. But it's true. Let us show you how!

Our network of investors is standing by, waiting to make estimates on notes of all varieties. So whether you need to cash out for legal reasons or you know someone who needs some extra cash up front, we can help.

Would You Like Cash For Your Monthly Payments?

Are you receiving payments on a private loan? Would you rather have cash now? If you're receiving payments on any type real estate note, promissory note or private loan, we can help!

Get cash now!

As a specialist we get people cash for real estate notes of all kinds.

  • It's Quick
  • It's Easy
  • It's 100% Secure
  • And You Could Receive Cash in Days!

We work with buyers who are standing by, waiting to make estimates on your note. So whether you'd like to cash out or you'd like to assist your clients in a cash out, we are here to help.


How We Can Help You, the Lender

Types of Solutions We Can Offer You

We have the "know how" to come up with a plan to suit your needs.

We can help you establish TAX FREE retirement income.

We have the contacts to open Self Directed IRA Accounts that permit you to make high yield loans secured by real estate.

We have several low risk, high return programs to suit those with:

  • IRA funds, we can assist in setting up a "Self Directed Individual Retirement Account" that will allow your IRA to lend funds for our deals
  • Roth IRA Accounts
  • Personal or family cash available for investment
  • Company funds available for investment

We have the deals - Safe, Secure Real Estate - most with excellent locations, near schools, shopping and employment centers.

We borrow for renovated and un-renovated properties.

We'll answer all your questions to your satisfaction before we do business together.



Two Ways to Earn Higher Returns


Our "Get Acquainted" Program:

  • With as little as $5,000 you can loan your funds with good, safe market rate returns.
  • You can receive interest on interest with our accrual program.
  • Once we have an investment opportunity for you, we'll provide the details. You'll then have the opportunity to accept or reject the deal.

Our "MAX Investor" Program:

  • With larger loans we can offer greater returns.
  • In some cases we can offer our accrual program or quarterly or yearly payments. You'll be allowed to choose.
  • You'll receive priority status on deals as they become available, and of course we'll provide all the details you'll need.

Flexible Programs Designed for You!

Sample Deals

Madison Ave Newark, NJ


Earn 12-14 % Return on your investment in just 12 months. Secured by the property,.
Monthly income of Project is $5,500.00

7 W Broad Berlin


7 W Broad St, Berlin, NJ 08009 5 beds 2 baths 3,113 sqft

PRICE REDUCED!!!! STUNNING Vintage home in stylish Berlin!! If you're looking or tons of space to spread out or need a place for an at-home shop, this is it - Five Bedrooms, a finished attic, a full unfinished basement, and a detached 3-car garage - ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES HERE!! Walk into this charming home with jaw-dropping, GORGEOUS original hardwood flooring! Not your typical wood flooring - intricate details in each room here! Enjoy entertaining in your formal living room, formal dining room,…

Condo Hotel Conversion Mississippi


80 Unit Condo Hotel Conversion Opportunity

80 Unit Condo Hotel Conversion Opportunity

This featured Opportunity has the opportunity will allow the Savvy Investor the opportunity to purchase an nterest in a Condo Hotel project  worth over $2 million dollars.

$7,300,000.00 for this project which has a projected value of over $2,400,000.00 is an opportunity that will not last long.

The average unit will be offered in this project for over $20,000. The Savvy Investor can buy for just about $20,000.00 per unit. There are 70 Units in this  package.   A well healed investor could realize a retrn of approximately $5,000 a year per unit owned and a percentage of the overal proijects performance annually. By multiple units and sell 1 of your units as the values rise.  As the value rises the net gain realized per unit will exceed the current average price of $20,000.00 per unit.

Additionally the property is located in highly desirable vacation city on a golf course, and just minutes from New Orleans.

8 Units Hudson FL


When is the last time you saw an 8 unit apartment building ON THE WATER WITH GULF ACCESS? This may be your last chance! Most of the improvements have been done even the sea wall. Management in place


Customer Care Policy

Our Customers are the most important people in our organization. They are not dependent upon us. We are dependent upon them.

Buyers, Homeowners, Tenants and Lenders do not interrupt our work. They are the reason we have work.

Customers do us a favor when they call. We are not doing them a favor by returning calls. We may be busy, but they take priority.

Our customers are families that bring us their wants. It's our job to listen, to understand and, where possible, to fill those wants.

Customers are not cold statistics. They are unique human beings with different feelings, emotions and needs. We have a job when they allow us to fill those needs.

Our customers are deserving of the most courteous treatment we can give them. A customer is not someone to argue or match wits with. They may not always be right, but they are always our customers. We do not have to be right, we are here to serve.

Properly cared for, they will remain our customers for life and bring us new ones.



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